February 13th, 2006


Urgent Call to Action

I need to mobilize the power of the internet, and apologies for this posting via email thing if formatting is horrid -- I've never done this before.

As you all know, Hurricane Katrina had some significant effects on my personal sphere. And my last post here was related to the announced dissolution of my Alma Mater, Newcomb College of Tulane University. As events have unfolded over the last several weeks, we have learned that not only does the elimination of the women's coordinate college for undergraduates NOT save the university significant money (it operates entirely in the black on its endowment income plus about 500k/year -- that's about 25 students' tuition at Tulane prices, and we have approximately 2000 students at Newcomb). Trust me on the details here, if you will please -- glad to provide copious detail. But the bottom line is that a corporate executive masquerading as a university president and a "blue ribbon panel" of MEN only have determined that Newcomb is an anachronism, unworthy of continued existence.

We are now a group of alumnae 5 generations strong, and there is a protest on campus tomorrow, the last day that the Board of Administrators "Task Force" on Newcomb will meet before delivering the death blow to our school on its 120th anniversary, in the name of homogenized, generic, coeducational marketability.

What I desperately need all of you to do: email CNN with a news tip, preferably Anderson Cooper. The protest is to be at 2pm tomorrow, February 14th, on Gibson Quad of Tulane University on St. Charles Street in New Orleans. Tell CNN to visit our hub site at http://www.newcomblives.com/
for details of the protest and for extensive detail on the travesty that is being enacted in the name of Katrina. Do it tonight, and send it to your friends. One or two alumna they could ignore, but hundreds of folks from all over the world sending it in would be a little tougher, right?

Thanks for whatever you can do.