December 12th, 2005


Katrina strikes again

And so, the death toll climbs.

We've lost one family member, the functional humanity of two others, a city, and a spirit already to Katrina. And now my alma mater is going to a watery grave, as well.

I don't intend to give up Newcomb without the 'good fight,' but it's horribly depressing to see that the middle-aged men in their suits look as if they're going to finally get their hands on Newcomb's endowment. I'm on it, getting in touch with alumnae networks, the old student newspaper crowd, friends from women's colleges (::waves::), making lists of people to contact and writing rants and then rewriting them into rational pleas to be involved in figuring out how to minimize the pain. But there's a weariness in me on this. So very much has been lost, and this new casualty is just about enough to put me under (and ask anyone: I'm the energizer bunny for causes when I really care).

Why am I bringing this to your attention, when none of you are Tulane grads and few of you are attached in any significant way to New Orleans? Couple of reasons. First, you are in the main, the kind of people who care. Second, even if you aren't personally attached, you might know someone who is. Third, and most important, you might have suggestions on how to go about making things better. Political activisim has never been my forte. So, lay it on, and spread the word.

One of the South's most prestigious and oldest women's colleges is about to disappear, with barely a whimper. Worse, those of us who are complaining and trying to be heard are coming under attack, and the value of Newcomb as a distinct and feminine institution is being called into question.

Help me spread the word to alums who've been disconnected, give me suggestions for "what's next," and hey, vibes don't hurt.

The petition is here: -- help me use the internet to get in touch with A&S, Newcomb, and Paul Tulane college grads whose voices should be heard.

(and yes, I *am* neglecting the even larger notion that Tulane is eliminating most of its engineering programs, its Education program, and quite a few others, while maintaining basketball and football and adding new courses of study entirely. I do understand that these wounds are also painful and wrong, but the Engineering school has its own campaign running what appears to be quite ably, and I'm focusing where my personal pain is, for now)