November 10th, 2005



There's a .rar file missing from the set from Usenet on VM2.06 -- is there anyone out there who can hold my hand through fixing this? I am dying to see this show, and the torrent is molasses. Will do favors for assistance. I have QuickPAR, WinRAR, and the XvID codec installed (I think that's all I need, but who the heck knows.). I have all of the rar's that were available downloaded, but 04 is missing (was part 12 on USENET). I also grabbed all of the PAR files. I attempted to use QuickPAR to recover the file, but I'm obviously not doing something right, because even after QuickPAR does its thing and tells me all is well, the WinRAR file says there's a missing volume and file is corrupt. Sigh.

It's fixed!