September 16th, 2005


Titles are beyond me

So...I'm sorry for disappearing.

Things just got to be too much to 'talk' here, I think. There's not a lot of news to tell. I'm still reading and thinking and very much not myself. We still have three missing persons in the family, and at this date, hope is a hard thing to hold on to. We were told that two of them were at the Superdome, but none of the official shelters or databases or lists has either of them on. Being separated from my husband and children at this time is also very hard, and it's a daily struggle to do what needs to be done to rejoin them. I miss them terribly. The world was, a few weeks ago, sometimes hard and difficult, but safe. Now, it doesn't feel so safe.

I'm still out here, and I'm talking to hub, and my friends and will win through to the other side. Took friexenet's advice and used that massage certificate that was a present from M., and it felt good, if temporary.

Turning off comments--I'm not good for conversation right now.