August 30th, 2005



Do you guys know what it's like in New Orleans in August/September? Thick. The miasma of the normal humidity and the high heat create a soup in the air. Things grow. They smell. They decompose. How much worse will it be with everything that's flooding, filled with the detritus of the modern world? There must be hundreds injured or dead, if not more, in East Jeff, and that water really is rising elsewhere. It will be a long, long time before things can even start to be cleaned up.

My sff fueled brain is coming up with some truly grotesque scenarios, and GaGa is trapped on the third floor of her apartment building, with no apparent way to get out. She's far enough away from the lake that the water rising isn't very fast, but the bayou at some point will spill over out of the canal in front of the building. 3rd floor is high enough for worst case, I *think*. But how long can she last on her supplies of food and bottled water (the bathtub which was filled was contaminated by a toilet leak from the apt above it and is unusable). Governor Blanco says she has a plan to evacuate the rest of the city. God how I hope so. They say that folks are evacuating Jefferson Parish and the east bank on foot, mostly--about 20 miles to the checkpoint. GaGa is 94 -- that's not going to happen. Uncle Rick has disappeared -- the spotty communication chain has broken down there. I hope he's still okay, and wasn't injured helping a neighbor or trying to rescue some *thing* or other.

I see stories of tragedy everywhere, but I can't stop worrying about my own family. Y'all please just keep on vibing those internet vibes out to the whole gulf coast area, okay? So many are worse off than my family, but I seem to be cocooning in. Hang tight.

Oh! I promised Kimi: Jackson got hit in a relatively mild way. The Tulane freshmen and football team were evacuated there on Sunday, and while power's out and comms are bad, they are there and safe. Hopefully Lum will show up soonish and let us know that they are all well.

ETA 10:45pm: We've heard from Uncle Al -- he's still in his apartment in the quarter on Royal. I am a member of a family of fools...he's okay right now, says water's rising and the destruction is incredible. I'll let you guys know if I hear any more details. Anybody heard from sockkpuppett?