August 29th, 2005


Katrina update

I don't have much information yet, but word has gotten to us that GaGa and Uncle Rick are both physically safe. Nothing from Uncle Al yet, but I really think he would have left town. The pictures I'm seeing are devastating -- cleaning up the mess is going to be a monumental effort, but I'm *so* grateful that there's still a NOLA to worry about cleaning up.

I'll update this same post when I get some more details about the areas of the city they are in -- GaGa's sort of mid-City, and Uncle Rick lives practically in the river Uptown. Uncle Al's house is in the French Quarter - not at all sure he's there, but if I get word, I'll let you know.

Huge, huge thanks to luna_k and petzipellepingo for their news updates -- it's been of tremendous help.

sockkpuppett and nashvillain615 please check in...

ETA: 8:22pm EST: nashvillain615 is out of harm's way. Haven't been able to dig anything up on sockkpuppett or wisemack, in Jackson and Vicksburg. Nothing yet from Uncle Al or Jason, Yoko, Paula, etc. Jason's family residence in Slidell is gone -- saw what's left of it on the news. I *think* he said that his mom and dad had sold it -- I hope I didn't dream that. He's likely with the football team in Jackson, so I think they're probably okay. I'm having a hard time finding news about Jackson MS -- I guess it isn't nearly as bad as Gulfport or Biloxi, but does anyone know how Jackson fared?