August 28th, 2005



Many of you know that I've got a lot of family in New Orleans, along with countless friends. It is the home of my heart, and I have always hoped to return there when we finally achieve empty nest. It's going to take some kind of divine intervention for that to be possible now, I fear. Katrina is something that strikes fear into my very core. You know how we all think a massive earthquake is going to knock CA into the Pacific? This kind of hurricane could wipe NOLA off the map, too. It's this city in a bowl already, and a hurricane of this proportion really truly could destroy it utterly. I certainly hope the wreckage is nothing like what my imagination is coming up with, but I lived through three of them in my time there, and those were sneezes by comparison to Katrina.


Some of the hub's family have evacuated, all of the Casertas have evacuated, Tulane's been shut down (except god help them, lots of folks are trapped there, as it was Frosh move-in weekend), but so much and so many are still there. I'm praying with all my heart for a miraculous slow down. The damage if it doesn't is unthinkable. GaGa, the last great-grandparent in the family, is still there in her third floor Esplanade apartment. She said she lived through Betsy and Camille, and would live through this, too. And Uncle Rick has decided to stay in his house, where he can see the Mississippi River Levee from his kitchen window. He's just insane. Al Shea hasn't been heard from, so I hope he's taken off to be with his son in Houston.

ETA, 8am EST Monday 8/29: No news thus far. I've just seen pics on the weather channel, and it still looks like New Orleans. This is good. Miss and AL look to get it a bit worse, and that is not.

My thoughts are with all of you who have family and friends in the area. Hang on tight.