July 21st, 2005


Back in LJ land

Sort of. I'm pretty much non compus mentis, to be completely honest, but I needed to take a moment and thank everyone who sent thoughts, hugs, prayers, and toasts for me, the family, and grandma. Your wishes mean more than I can say. Fandom is a phenomenal place.

Second, I wanted to publicly apologize to the VM ficathon for such late notice on my dropout (I am soooo sorry quiet_rebel). I actually had it partly done before July 4th, but have not got the capacity to do fic right now in any way shape or form. At some point in time, I should be able to complete it and that will hopefully result in my recip getting *two* fics.

Finally, a brief status on the Writercon transcripts and video: all 300 of the two-disk sets are in my possession now, and they've been sorted into mailers properly. This weekend, the labels will go on and out the door on Monday.

Flocked post to follow with more news.

How much more can one girl take?

So, about the only thing left on those top five stressors lists that hasn't happened to me is divorce/separation. And the separation part will happen, just not the way that implies.

Remember back in the wintertime when the hub had an offer from Atlanta that got really, really messy? We thought we were moving, and then suddenly, not?

All of the ugly knots have been untied, and they want him to start on Sept. 1. He wants to accept.

This is flocked because it mentions work, of course.



::quietly freaks out and generally feels unable to cope::