July 6th, 2005


Wicked day...

I knew the day would come, some day. Apparently, that day is soon. Upon return from the beach this afternoon, I received a call from my sister. My beloved grandmother has had a massive stroke, and has a hemmorhage in her skull. She will not make it. Only the sanity of my dear husband kept me from jumping in the car for the 13 hour drive immediately after the 7 hr drive home from vacation. I can actually get there faster if I wait to leave at 6am on a SW flight. If this seems clinical, it is because I cannot function on any emotional level right now, or I will collapse. Grandma is my Merlin.

No comments, as I will not be here to receive or answer them. I'll write something real when I'm able, and gratefully receive your prayers that her passing will be painless and peaceful. Grandpa's waiting for her, I'm certain.

Somebody, if you have time, please let the Writercon lists know that shipments will be delayed by up to ten days due to my family emergency.
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