May 20th, 2005


POV, subtlety, and character perception in Veronica Mars

In a rambly fashion, I recently commented to valancy that I loved the subtle way pov functions in Veronica Mars.  And she asked what I meant...  I tried to explain myself in a comment and found that I'd run out of space before I could even get to the point.  It's honestly a concept that I have a hard time making linear enough to write out.  I'm sure if I'd been more interested in lit crit classes than classical rhetorical theory in college, I'd be able to point directly at the proper name of what I'm talking about and then expound knowledgeably about its use in VM. 

Lacking that background, I'm just going to babble on merrily about it, because even if the technicalities are lacking, the VM love abounds.  And maybe the discussion will attract someone who knows what I'm talking about better than I do.  I'd love to be educated hint hint.

And be warned:  it's long.

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