November 6th, 2004


At least it hasn't been a month this time...

But the insanity is not over yet for me. This week, the only other manager at the site tendered his resignation. That means before month's end, I will double the size of my staff and workload magically. That's going to be oh-so-fun. I don't want to be top banana. I don't *like* being top banana. I like being part of a team. I like starting something, and finishing it. Both of which are sadly lacking in my life right now.

Good news is that the family life is stable. Hub quitting job and not immediately diving into a new one has brought a balance to our lives that makes the insanity of my non-fam life at least doable.

Bad news is that I miss the part of life that used to be just mine. It's a good thing Writercon was when it was, because otherwise, it never would have happened with me as a part of it.

There's so much else going on in my life -- I wish I had the time to write it all up. There's a nano count of words present there, just that the time to type it out is completely missing. Given the events of the week, a political essay brews in my head but lacks the focus I would want for a publicly posted statement. Instead, I'll Collapse )