August 22nd, 2004


W/G ficathon (finally)

Title: Echo
Author: Chris
Rating: NC-17ish
Summary: Giles and Willow have unfinished business, post-Grave.
Disclaimer: I own nothing -- all hail Mutant Enemy, Fox, and Joss Whedon. Quotations in italics are taken from the episode "Grave".
Notes: For the Willow/Giles ficathon. My assignment was for the lovely gwynnega: Two things I want included in the fic: S6 ep "Grave," sex in the Magic Box. One thing I don't want included in the fic: character death. Preferred rating: NC-17.

Not sure about the NC-17ness, and this came out *very* differently than I'd expected. Hope it works for you! Massive apologies for the lateness, as well. Now I get to read...
Special thanks: To sleipnirrr who provided me with the missing scene from Grave that I needed to hear so desperately, and to Colleen, who always encourages and Mint, who listened to me whine.

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