May 1st, 2004


Writercon Auction

I'm loading in items up for bid in the Writercon Auction today -- if you've got something you'd like to include, and haven't already sent me your info or posted in the Writercon LJ or here, I need to know:

-Item name
-Any restrictions
-Any reserve price, if you have one
-a link to a photo, or a copy of a photo for us to upload, if you want one. Limit is 200x200.

If you're in the 'written' materials category, and haven't already sent me your ad in email, I'll be in touch shortly, so stand by.

For the record, here's my list of items so far:

Fannishly, con has several figurines/doll sets (including a vamp Angel), a set of Angel S2 DVDs, some autographed JM photos, a copy of The Princess Bride, and the big kahuna, Jane Espenson's personal, signed copy of the Conversations with Dead People script
Artistically, we have original artwork and jewelery by various fans who are supporting the con, creative writing workshop registrations, editorial and webdesign services, and quite a few writers up for grabs -- no telling what they'll produce if you provide proper motivation!

Derby Day

This Derby Day was more interesting than many have been, just because the field was so wide open. Today's entertainment, aside from the race itself, was watching the horses and deciding which were built properly for coping with the muddy track.

I was sorry to see Lionheart in second place -- he was far and away my favorite this year, although I had a very soft spot in my heart for Birdstone. Great race, overall. More excitement than I can remember since 1991...

Every year I say this, and never seem to learn the lesson, but how in the world do all those people stay upright after a couple of juleps? I'm knocked for a big old loop after just one...Very glad to be at home, and not in the usual madding crowd. Racetracks in the rain are miserable.

I have way, way, way too much to do today (but my tummy is all better!).

--Auction work
--Slash and Firefly thank you notes
--most overdue of all: fic for onetwomany It has a name, and about 500 words so far. I fear it's just not what's been asked for, but it *is* S/B and not darkfic...I may abort this one and try a pwpish thing if it doesn't take a happier tone.