April 30th, 2004


The next two days

Are Alternate Universe days at Send A Writer to Con!Athon

Slash and Firefly Days have been an *unbelieveable* success ($300!!!!!!!!!), and we are now past 4 onto 5 writers to con with our fundraising. This whole project has exceeded my wildest dreams. I always knew that this community was a generous, wonderful one, but I just had no idea how generous and how wonderful.

AU, Angst, Scary, and Happy days are yet to come, and if we keep up this pace, I've got real reason to hope that we'll be able to provide at least *some* help to every writer on the scholarship list. That's all to the credit of you guys. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

(Slash and Firely thanks to go out on Saturday -- I'm bogged down in auction doings tonight/tomorrow afternoon, and still have a few pairings to research to have a complete list!)

p.s. -- keep spreading the word -- it's *working*!

p.p.s. -- If you've got a 'must have' fic or art site for human fantasy, crossover, or traditional wild AUs, shoot Mel an email at dettiot at yahoo dot com!

They've got me!

The stomach oogies, that is. I am putting my body and the attendant upset body parts into bed now. All else -- can wait.

Will see whomever can't do Sunday (I know someone can't, but can't for the life of me remember who it is) tomorrow, by which time I will have conquered the oogies.