February 21st, 2004


Things I hate

Worse than shopping do not come easily to mind. Possibly having my skin shredded by a cheese grater, then doused with vinegar.

The problem with shopping, you see, is that I go shopping when I want or need something. Something usually very specific. And when it comes to clothing? I.Can.Never.Find.What.I.Want.

Usually, it's something plain and fairly classic. Maybe that's the trouble.

Anyone with the ability to point me towards a black halter style evening/cocktail dress (longish full skirt, a la Christian Dior silk in the 1950s, if you want to hit the bullseye) will earn a favor, whatever you name. I could go for another dark color than black if I had to in order to get the style I want. Timing is of the essence. I am being dragged next weekend to a black-tie masquerade ball.

Seriously. Help???