February 19th, 2004


Friends history meme

For posterity. I like this meme, I think, but with so many folks on the flist, it will be much, much easier to write out responses here for everyone. Here are the original memeish questions:

How did you first hear of/meet me?

Where and when did you first hear my name/see my work/meet me? with what people/series/groups etc. do you associate me and my writing? This is not a praise or feedback meme, this is just to track the path of my online presence and to see the connections involved, to find out how people link together.

I can do this. I think. In three or four batches. Collapse )

Batch 2

Batch 2, with two that I missed during batch 1. I'm having fun putting all of this down, but am also getting v. sleepy. Maybe one more small batch to get to the middle of the list before bed.

And, errata note on the last post: I mixed up two rhiannons, and have now put darkrhiannon and rhiannonhero both in Batch 1!

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