December 25th, 2003


More later, but for now

Happy Chanukah

Merry Christmas

Wonderous Solstice


Joyful Holiday of your Choice

I'm not one for cards, and the post office hates packages that I mail. But I do think of my friends, and call my family, at holiday times. Consider this a phone call to each of you, wishing you all that you want and then some this holiday season.

First, a quick one

A request: pointers to fics that tell the story of Willow's recovery. Don't care about ships, so much. Just a full-fledged story of her return to 'normal Willow' in S7. I know there must be a couple out there somewhere. Please? I've read all of paratti's and gwenega's Willow fics, and everything Gulessable has written. But I know there are more.

I'll bake you cookies...