May 30th, 2003


Ten are the commandments...

Lookit me grab the meme mintwitch and kita0610 made:

My 10 Commandments:

1. Don't hurt people, especially on purpose.
2. Dance.
3. Tell the truth.
4. Don't steal.
5. Look for the silver lining.
6. Don't talk with your mouth full (6/9/03 ETA: especially if it's full of foot. Sigh. Took me 11 days to see the error there...)
7. Remember the magic words.
8. Be kind whenever possible.
9. Slow down and watch the scenery.
10. Take care of yourself -- don't expect others to do it for you.

Leaving, on a jet plane

Don't know when....oh wait! I do know. In 8 days. Heading off into the deep blue sea for a week, and I want to pile up some fic to read in addition to the books I got from my book request a few weeks back. We're four days 'at sea', so lots of reading time! Rec me some good fic to download for the trip. I rarely read long fics anymore, so those are good bets!