April 20th, 2003


Wiles and thoughts about smutfic

Today's been an incredibly fruitful day. It feels good. I should send the boys and Mr. Chris off to the in-laws more often!

Spoilery for Dirty Girls ...

I can't get the heat of Spike-in-Basement out of my head, and there's S/B smut cooking in my head. But I came to this awful realization today...smut fic is all about self-insertion, in a very intimate, specific kind of way. It makes me realize suddenly why some folks really despise characters on the show.

I was thinking my way through why Buffy was on her way to the basement in Dirty Girls, and *bam* there it was. Dear god in heaven, no wonder the girl looked so miserable. I guess I'd be miserable, too. Wonder just what would have happened if Dawn hadn't interrupted with Willow's phone call?

The Willow/Giles in England first Ch. is doneish now, with part 2 well on the way.

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There was another one...

This is from a really vivid dream I had after LMPTM aired. It was so vivid I half expected this to really happen this past week... It didn't, but it makes a really good birthday present for Evenstar, who wanted some Spuffy fluff. The dream went on a good bit past what I've written down, but here it is nonetheless.

I think this is spring cleaning for my brain.

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