April 10th, 2003


Random stuff

Just so I don't go any longer with a blank journal...

--Mostly recovered from the plague from hell. The cure was almost as bad as the illness. Warning: if you get prescribed large doses of AugmentinSR, follow instructions. Take with a *large* meal.

--New kitty cat, finally. Theodore, the young black prince. He's friendly as all get out, and a cocky little half-grown prince. I am feeling very grateful to have feline company again. If I can find the digital camera, I'll load up a pic soon.

--Work continues to consume me, online life and writerly endeavors and even website management are on almost complete hold.

--Can't *wait* for Chicago weekend to arrive. ASH and JM in one weekend? Who cares if the con organizers have zero sense of timing?

--Oh. Almost forgot. Network card in computer dead. Limited access now, via older computer in flooded basement where I sneeze like a fool. You can hear me over the wires, can't you?

That sounds like a lotta bad news, but really, I'm so happy to feel good again that I could probably take another dose or two of bad luck and still smile. At least, I'll feel that way unless the replacement card for the 'puter doesn't arrive on Saturday as promised.