March 1st, 2003


Feedback week

Well, the week's almost out, but I've managed to feed a few authors who really deserve it. The shame of it is that there's still a terribly long list of folks whose fic I get great enjoyment from who I *haven't* managed to get in touch with. So I'll cheat a bit and cover the London Calling writers here:

paratti - In addition to the Spike voice in Eyes Only LJ chronicles, paratti writes some delicious dark fic (and whose latest I am woefully behind on), and who *also* writes some travelogue fic that is terrific fun.

ljs - Without a doubt, a Gilesophile. She played Giles/Ripper in Eyes Only, and has written lots of wonderfully adventurous Giles, Anya, Spike, and Buffy fics. However, I want to point out that I think ljs is imho is the best humor writer in Buffyfandom. Her Bridget Jones style Buffy Summers Diaries are the funniest stuff I've read outside of pure parody fic.

piedmargaret The one, true voice of Wesley. Magpie sends shivers down my spine at times with her Snake fics, and then there was the Eyes Only version of Wes. Don't miss this woman's stuff, it's all mythology and plot and angst and great work.

And then there's the real black hole of feedback for me, the videos. I'm not a big video watcher, only watch now and then when the mood strikes me, but when I *am* in the mood? There's one place I go:

sockkpuppett's videos. Her most recent, Nightmares, is one of the best summarizations of a series and characters I've seen. I'm continually amazed and how Lum takes little tiny clips and a song less that's only a few minutes long and manages to tell multiple stories. You *know* it's a good vid when you don't even need to hear the lyrics on the song to see the story... Just wow. And Lum's been producing vids for a long time. If you can catch an announcement of the vids being up, be sure to check out her Highlander stuff and other bits and pieces, too. It'll be worth the download time, I swear!

So, my feedback thanks to the ladies of London Calling and to the Gutter's finest vidder, Luminosity.