February 22nd, 2003


Stuff and nonsense

This LJ and I need to get friendly again...but I'm missing my writing buddy terribly (all of you, think happy Earthlink thoughts in Seattle's direction, please), so just a laundry list for now.

Fic: I'm a solid month behind on reading fic except for that which I beta. If you've posted some wonderful snippets or fics to LJ or to the lists recently, I apologize profusely for the lack of feedback. I know without reading that it's wonderful stuff, especially the post GID stuff. And I'll get around to it tonight, I hope. (yes, that means you, lanieday and ljs! Petals and Sargasso are at the top of my list, with all the wonderous GID fics and snippets and whatever other fabulous fic you folks have so graciously provided.)

Friends and other fun stuff: I friended a few new folks recently -- don't feel obligated to friend me back. I add friends to my list 'cause I like to read what they write. No other reason. It doesn't stand to reason that a stranger would find what little I put here equally compelling, so *don't don't don't* feel obligated. But this does remind me: does anybody else go LJ-friends-friends hopping to find new and fascinating stuff to read?

Recs I really, truly need some serious Giles pov/mood pieces. Gen is of the good. Fluff is *not*. Rec me whatever fic you think of as having *the* best Giles voice ever in it? Pretty please? And I've already read everything Lori's written ;-) I'm hoping for some non-ship Giles here, btw...

Rec lists Y'all go check This out in surfal666's journal. Would you, could you, on a stick? Would you, could you, with a brick? I'd just love to have an easy place to go find good BtVS fic that's neither All!About!Spike (don't stone me!!!) nor so full of stuffed-shirtedness I don't even want to rec things there...

Okay, enough for now. I'm going to try to discipline myself to write something tonight. See you folks 'round the bend.