January 30th, 2003



See, that's the thing. About writing.

When the words are hidden behind fictional characters, especially borrowed ones, we can call them storytelling. But without the dialogue, the characterization, the plot, they're just stripped down representations of our selves and our thoughts. Just words, the simplest of them laying pure emotional context out there to beg for comprehension or recognition and if we're really honest, approval.

Yeah, I hear you Mint. I will.

Untold Stories

I'll hide it all behind cut tags so you don't have to watch the mess unfold. I've discovered tonight with the help of some serious logic that the words will still come if I stream them straight into something other than a blank sheet of paper -- to an audience, if you will. And since I don't want to monopolize Mint's IM window with random sentences, lj's going to have to play catch. I won't get offended if you unfriend me or whatever b/c you're bored to death.

And if you decide to peek? Don't expect continuity, plot, decent grammar, and possibly even correct spelling. But feel free to point out errors that you see. It won't offend.

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