December 13th, 2002


It's been a growing obsession

And now that I've seen it mentioned elsewhere, I've decided it's worth a public acknowledgement. I know there are at least two other folks out there who've been pulled in this direction, so I feel less of a perv for asking.

Anybody know of any good Willow/Giles fic? Short introspectives, long genfic or smut, I'm interested. Very. I've been avoiding writing to it, keeping it very subdued, in Carthage, but the pull is tremendous, now that Willow has grown up. There's probably no small amount of WillowSueism in my interest, for without a doubt she's the character I most identify with, and the Ripper, at least, could give Spike a huge run for his money in my personal lustathon.

So...anybody? Recs? Plot bunnies for the ficlet muse?