December 9th, 2002


The power is back!

And I am a very happy, warm woman. Yay Progress Energy!!!
Someday I might even manage to read the backlog of over 500 emails since before Thanksgiving and the livejournals of all my friends, too. But don't hold your breath. Still have to finish rewriting MD 4, and there's Carthage haunting me (still jossed all to hell there...)

And there's one thing more important, and that's getting the Sandlot archive site up. Most of it's up there and working, but the database gets weird sometimes and puts random fics under title links, so betaing will take a little time. If you feel like having a look and offering suggestions or letting me know where you see issues, I'd be much obliged:

The Bloody Awful Sandlot

The guestbook is way wonky still -- it takes comments, but the paging isn't fixed yet. Forgive, please. While you're there, feel free to add your favorite BtVS fic links to the library :-)
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