October 19th, 2002


What I need...

anniesj wondered, when I asked if she was around, what I needed...

At that moment, I was referring explicitly to her promise in another post to give us a little bit of "the good stuff" from WtD (which I have not yet started reading). Go ahead, beat me bloody, Annie. You're entitled. My only excuse is that when you first started posting it, I was also in the throes of planning a 'returns' fic and didn't want to get so wrapped up in the beauty of your prose that I couldn't concentrate on my own. Now that Joss has BY'd us, I think the lack of concentration is a given.

Waitaminit! I'm getting all off track in my groveling apology. Anyway, as I was(n't) saying, I am feeling all schizophrenic about things, and I'm longing for some really beautiful moments. Don't need sweeping romance, just a little taste of what could be.

Something new, something different.

And of course, Annie is just the woman to give it to me (unless Harmony gets back to work on that S4 she was talking about! Bad Ass Spike would be welcome, too *g*)

I need, I need, I need.

Jeez, this journal thing is just *not* a great idea if self-involved is something you'd rather not be, now is it?

Wouldn't you love to see Buffy's lj? Now *there*'s a thought...hmm. Oh oh oh ohoh!

...Off to blow up balloons and do treat bags for the 8 yo's birthday party tomorrow. But I'll be back later.

Anyone else noticing how damned *QUIET* it is this weekend?????