Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,

What follows is a live transcript of me watching tomorrow night's Buffy episode... I liked it. Really, best ep since CWDP, imho.

chris: Amy??
chris: Ooooh. We're gonna get Willow!
watchbuddy: Lots!
watchbuddy: SMG is very hoarse.
chris: bad audio on this...
chris: *g*
chris: LOL hokey pokey
watchbuddy: I know!
chris: Kennedy not going?
watchbuddy: Nuh uh.
chris: Since when Giles doesn't drive???
watchbuddy: didn't renew his license.
chris: He's been gone less than a year...
chris: Good for ten.
watchbuddy: LOL! You got em...
chris: Stupid continuity error for no good reason.
chris: Oh god, want that as a screencap The head tilt when they're talking, of course
chris: 3:47
watchbuddy: Kay.
chris: Oh boy.Basement scene. Love how comfortable they are, then whammo with the chip pain.
watchbuddy: Good, huh....
chris: I *so* don't want to share this with Willow, though I'd really love to have a separate chip ep, but it's pretty pointless at this stage. I hereby predict that Buffy proves her trust in him by somehow causing the chip to be deactivated and that Spike asks for it back or tries to run away once it's gone c.f. many fanfics, including my own.
watchbuddy: Sorry.
chris: *g*
watchbuddy: It's okay, though.
chris: Better Willow than Xander. So, I just don't think Xander's all that interesting as a *lead*.
chris: Or Dawn.
watchbuddy: Yep.
chris: They updated the opener to include the Cassie ep ETA: but I dunno when
watchbuddy: I love this ep! You will, too!
chris: And evil Buffy, too...
chris: This is going to ook me. Guess what Willow's doing?
chris: I don't want to see this *pouts*
watchbuddy: No, it's okay. Really.
chris: Mission?
watchbuddy: *g*
chris: I really do like Kennedy. But not with willow, dammit.
chris: See? Ook.
watchbuddy: '*g*
watchbuddy: It's okay. Promise.
chris: She's like, Dawn's age.
watchbuddy: no.
watchbuddy: She's nineteen.
chris: Acts it.
watchbuddy: Oh, yeah.
chris: Hee. She said wonky.
watchbuddy: *g*
chris: LOL!
chris: Okay, yes, except for the ook, loving this.
watchbuddy: Yes, it's good. And it just gets better. You're unspoiled so it's gonna be great hearing your reactions.
chris: Oh boy.
chris: Riley?
watchbuddy: Yep.
chris: Poor Spike.
chris: Jesus. It's like giving birth--the contractions getting closer together. Marti's getting her pg via Spike's chip.
watchbuddy: I guess.
chris: Can I just say how relieved I am on that count?
watchbuddy: Yep. You can.
chris: BTW -- Is SS dead today?
watchbuddy: Pretty much.
chris: I need to hear a gay person's take on this. I find it just pushy and obnoxious.
watchbuddy: Get ready.
chris: She's gonna...
watchbuddy: I think it's supposed to be pushy and obnoxious.
chris: Ooooooh. yuck.
watchbuddy: Watch!
chris: Willow kissed back, too!
chris: OH!
watchbuddy: *g*
chris: waitaminit
chris: What's the name of this ep?
watchbuddy: The Killer in Me.
watchbuddy: See?
chris: LOL.
chris: dancing schnauzers?
watchbuddy: Who knows?
chris: BWAHHHHH That's my laughter at Spike in the background in the living room...
chris: *how* can this be funny??
chris: But it is funny.
chris: !!!
watchbuddy: I know!
chris: kerfloofy out of Warren's mouth.
chris: And she lies like a dog.
watchbuddy: Right.
chris: Jeez. I'm laughing out loud at Spike's agony. That's impressive.
watchbuddy: I know.
watchbuddy: I did too.
watchbuddy: I kinda figured...
chris: Echoes of S4, as appropriate.
watchbuddy: Yes. Exactly.
chris: When's Riley going to show up?
watchbuddy: *g*
chris: Or his minions.
watchbuddy: Not saying.
chris: As long as it's not MartiSue
watchbuddy: It's not.
chris: Okay. Good.
chris: And hey -- what's with Giles off in the desert with all those teenaged girls?
chris: Don't we need to peek on them?
watchbuddy: Visionquest...
watchbuddy: We will.
watchbuddy: And look at this...
chris: I hate sweeps.
watchbuddy: Finally, they find it.
chris: Sweeps are all that is wrong with BtVS.
watchbuddy: Agreed.
chris: I don'tunderstand, what are they digging for?
watchbuddy: Something Blue.
watchbuddy: Remember?
chris: Need to rewind.
watchbuddy: Him beating on the ground.
watchbuddy: Okay.
chris: Oh. Gotcha.
chris: Nevermind.
watchbuddy: kay.
chris: Robson's dead...
chris: So who the heck was that?
watchbuddy: We didn't see Robson die.
chris: Yes we did.
watchbuddy: Passed out.
chris: Or, at least I thought we did.
chris: But the evil one was Eve. Why both?
chris: Okay, I'm so sure now. This is a major anvil.
chris: Giles is Giles.
chris: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
watchbuddy: *g*
chris: Don't like Anya's hair.
chris: But loving Xander this ep.
watchbuddy: Well, it's always a fifty fifty chance with Anya...
chris: No hokey pokey. Just hokey.
chris: Oh, that's not the slayerettes.
chris: Amy.
chris: She did it, right?
watchbuddy: Yes.
chris: What a lying ho bag. Did she make the Robson call too?
watchbuddy: Dunno about that...
chris: This is weird.
watchbuddy: Very.
chris: Fascinating, but weird.
chris: I'm going to puke if true love rescues Willow once again.
chris: Unless it's Tara somehow.
chris: Now that was an ugly demon.
watchbuddy: Yep.
chris: But wait. Okay, I can be sane about this.
chris: Not true love. Has to be Willow recognizing that her worth doesn't have *anything* to do with who she loves/loves her.
watchbuddy: Good for you.
chris: But I bet it plays like CHEEZ!
chris: *g*
watchbuddy: *g*
chris: I am so tired of Andrew.
chris: It was cute the first dozen times.
chris: It's worn off now.
watchbuddy: Gotcha.
chris: Back to back.
chris: LOVE that.
watchbuddy: Me, too.
chris: Well shitfire. WTF was that?
chris: My screen was too dark to see.
watchbuddy: It's very dark. You'll see very little.
chris: Robson. That's me, sayng Amy made the Robson call. She's an FE minion. I'm convinced.
chris: I'm telling you...
chris: But yay,evil Amy is back. Evil Amy good.
watchbuddy: Yep!
chris: That is one hideous thing.
chris: Oh no. Making a meal off Spike??
watchbuddy: Dunno.
chris: *insanely happy with this ep*
watchbuddy: Yes...
chris: Best since CWDP
chris: SNORT!!!!!!
chris: They're feeling him to death.
chris: HA!
chris: Great line.
watchbuddy: Yes.
chris: What *is* that thing?
watchbuddy: Very good ep.
watchbuddy: Looks like Razor without the leather.
chris: Wish the vid quality were better. Really hard to see.
chris: LOLOLOL
chris: ass face.
chris: LOLOL
chris: giggles.
watchbuddy: *g* Love this ep!
chris: Anticlimactic at this point for her to choose to have it out.
chris: But who cares?
chris: What? It'll explode?
chris: Otherwise, can't exactly kill him....
watchbuddy: Just keep misfiring til it does, I guess...
chris: This is a little lame, but the chip has been all along.
chris: I'm going to be so po'd if I have to wait a week to see that she decides to have it out.
watchbuddy: *g* Sorry...
chris: LOL. Is Kennedy going to buy this?
chris: No way.
chris: I'm not.
chris: Oh jeez.
chris: Here comes the cheese, but Willow's doing good.
chris: No. Don't ruin it.
chris: PLEASE
watchbuddy: Sorry...
chris: do you see my angry mad stompy foot face???
chris: I am angry mad stompy foot.
watchbuddy: Yep.
watchbuddy: I see it.
watchbuddy: Big heavy foot.
chris: That was such a *great* scene. And they did *that*.
chris: Assholes.
chris: Who wrote that?
watchbuddy: Greenberg.
chris: Joss.
chris: That was his call I bet.
watchbuddy: LOLOL! Probably.
chris: Stupid childish geek tv writers.
chris: That was nose thumbbing at kittens right there on my screen.
watchbuddy: I know... I hate em too.
watchbuddy: And yes, the kittens heads are exploding.
watchbuddy: And be glad you're not reading the lists.
chris: Grr, Arrgh indeed.
chris: I adored this episode, and I could see that coming a mile off, but ARRRRGH.
watchbuddy: They're bitching cause Buffy let Spike have convulsions in the living room.
chris: It wouldn't have been awful if they hadn't played it perfectly right up to that moment.
chris: LOL.
chris: That figures.
watchbuddy: Yeah, true.
chris: Well.
watchbuddy: Weren't the cuts between Warren and Willow fabulous?
chris: Huh.
chris: Still much better than anything since CWDP, even if that ender pissed me off.
watchbuddy: Yes, I thought this was very good. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
chris: So, do spoilers tell us what Buffy's choice is? Or do we have to wait indefinitely to discover?
chris: Don't tell me, just whether you knwo or not.
watchbuddy: We find out next ep.
chris: Okay. Good.
watchbuddy: And yes, I know.
chris: Cause I know, I think.
chris: *g*
watchbuddy: We find out in the first few minutes of the ep.
watchbuddy: Yes, you win!
chris: This one was fun!
watchbuddy: I really enjoyed it.
watchbuddy: And I thought the Spike and Buffy scenes were so neat.
chris: Yep.
chris: But the Willow ending makes me fear our nose thumbbing to come.
watchbuddy: Yes, I definitely think so. A keeper for sure.
chris: Cause, even if S/Bers weren't as obnoxious as kittens, obnoxious they were.
watchbuddy: Yep.
watchbuddy: And Giles is feeling loved...
watchbuddy: They cared enough to feel him up.
watchbuddy: Andrew was enjoying it a little too much.
chris: nods.
chris: Wow.
chris: People must be *really* frothing.
Snip a bunch of snarking about list/board negative commentary on the ep
watchbuddy: See?
watchbuddy: Can you believe this?
watchbuddy: I really can't.
chris: LOL. I can.
chris: I'm not even a little surprised. Which list?
watchbuddy: It's unbelievable. deleted.
watchbuddy: It's much worse on deleted.
chris: In fact, I shall perhaps break my usual radio silence til ep time and post my squee in public.
chris: Just to make the point.
chris: Maybe I am shallow and easily pleased, but I don't think so.
chris: I liked this much more than NLM.
watchbuddy: I don't think we are.
chris: Few holes, sure.
chris: But good stuff.


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