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Yup, I'm judgemental all right

Stole the quiz from Piedmargaret and paratti... When I saw the questions, I wasn't sure I'd type out on this one the same as on MBTI and Keirsey, but I did...


33: moderately expressed introvert

56: moderately expressed intuitive personality

33: moderately expressed feeling personality

33: moderately expressed judging personality

On the other tests, I've come out more strongly INF, with a J that wavers to P... I'm thinking when life is stressy, I get more J. And in the spirit of stress, I give you my list of peeves today:

--I absolutely HATE it when people publically mention that an unmarked fic is spoilery. Goddamnit! If you hadn't told me, I'd have never known. Now I'm going to stress about it and IT PISSES ME OFF!

--Don't freaking tell me you think I'm the best PM you've worked with and then tell me you want action items in writing within 24 hours of meetings "so you can be sure things are under control".

--People who don't use turn signals. That. Is. All.

--Highly paid executives who couldn't make decisions if their corporate bonuses depended on it.

--Web speak in fic criticism. Cuz it soundz stupid 2 me. Sorry bout that.

I'm on a roll...but it's time to put children to bed.

One more for the road...

--Daddies who think saying "go to bed" counts.

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