Chris (chrisjournal) wrote,

Bring on the Night

Hmm. Not big on swiss cheese, but there were a few things I liked:

-- A brief moment of the real Spike
-- Giles is back!
-- Hmm. The stupid SIT got killed?

One question: What happens if you pour slayer blood on that pentacle thingy?

Giles not dead or FE, just cold fishing it (the glasses on and off is my sole evidence besides gut feeling)
Wood turns out to be some kind of other good or neutral-good guy (that is, I don't think he's an FE minion, but I also don't think Watcher or PTB)

I think that's all.

Wait. No. One more thing... If they'd done proper continuity editing, cut the filler and the idiotic Angel parallel with the drowning (bottom of the ocean and all), and pared back some more of the filler, they could have combined NLM and this to get one fantastic ep. As is: eh. BtVS is still the best TV around, but I have high expectations. Let's get this moving again, ME!
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