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Okay, folks, I'm *not* going to Vox. Not now, not ever. But at least one person on my flist has decided to move content that I'm especially interested in reading from his/her LJ over to a Vox account. I'm usually able to figure out how to create an LJ feed for RSS-enabled blogs that aren't LJ, but Vox has befuddled me. Does anyone out there know how? I don't wanna miss the content, but if it's not here in the flist or on the profile page, I won't remember to check it out...

ETA: I think I figured it out... But also adding this: if you're on my flist, it's because I like to read what you write, and probably because I wish you'd write *more*, despite my personal quietude. It will make me sad if you go away from LJ!

Am almost back in the game here, btw. House is moving slowly toward sale, and I *think* all the work travel is over for a while. This most recent trip was quite worthwhile -- might have brought back half a mil in new business with me for the company I'm consulting with!

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