I've had Katrina on my mind a lot lately -- I can't believe it's been a whole year, and there is still so very, very much to do. I know that I ought to do an update post on the familial status there, but I'm honestly just not up to it right now. Nothing is wrong, per se, but there is so much that is not right.

If you're minded to honor the anniversary in some fashion, see the comments to this post. And if you have your own story to tell, give the Hurricane Digital Memory Bank a visit.

That's all I can manage right now -- the memories are crowding, but a memorial post seemed in order.

Oh! And should there be any philanthropists among readers here with an interest, the fight to save Newcomb College, the nation's first coordinate college for women in the US and one of Katrina's victims, is ongoing and the legal fund is in great need of help. Visit the Newcomb Lives website for more information or to make a donation.


Okay, folks, I'm *not* going to Vox. Not now, not ever. But at least one person on my flist has decided to move content that I'm especially interested in reading from his/her LJ over to a Vox account. I'm usually able to figure out how to create an LJ feed for RSS-enabled blogs that aren't LJ, but Vox has befuddled me. Does anyone out there know how? I don't wanna miss the content, but if it's not here in the flist or on the profile page, I won't remember to check it out...

ETA: I think I figured it out... But also adding this: if you're on my flist, it's because I like to read what you write, and probably because I wish you'd write *more*, despite my personal quietude. It will make me sad if you go away from LJ!

Am almost back in the game here, btw. House is moving slowly toward sale, and I *think* all the work travel is over for a while. This most recent trip was quite worthwhile -- might have brought back half a mil in new business with me for the company I'm consulting with!

Holy cow!

Mercury really *is* out of retrograde!

We just got an offer on the house!!!!! Not great, not terrible. But it's been empty since January, and YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

I'm hopelessly behind here and at the WC journal, will catch up when time allows.

::fingers crossed::

My email's a mess

Pretty please, comment here if you need me for the next several days while I try to get electronic life reconstructed! Screening comments is new to me, but I'm giving it a try here...

You people *rock*!

I am so incredibly pleased that this linkage thing really works to raise google search result listings! We're already near the top of page two (we started somewhere around pg 6 or 7!) for the term "Newcomb College". We're #1 for "Newcomb College lawsuit" and "Newcomb Lives" and #5 for "Save Newcomb College" (and on that last one, our petition is #1 and #2, which is *wonderful*.


Search Engines...

I have a vague recollection that someone on my flist needed to get a website to answer to a particular search engine search. I have NO idea how to make this happen, but have been asked by the Newcomb legal team to try to get the site so that google finds it first when a user types in "Newcomb College". Help the clueless? Site:

Newcomb College

ETA: Elsa tells me (she is a goddess) that what I need to do is set up the link like above so people will click on it. And also that I need to get all of you guys to make a link like it and pimp it in *your* journal, just like a meme.

So let's call it the Save Newcomb College meme!

Pretty, pretty please, do this:

(substitute < and > for [ and ] )

For example [a href="http://www.newcomblives.com"]Newcomb College[/a]

Make an LJ post, and ask your flist to click on the Newcomb College link, then post it in their own LJs.

Y'all want more background? Read the website! The University is eliminating Newcomb College, the undergraduate college for women at Tulane University, because they don't like it. But the money which was used to establish the college was donated by a very smart lady, who was very specific in her wishes. She also gave more money to Tulane than it's founding father, Paul Tulane. I could go on for days. Help, pretty please?

I ruled...

Totally called the Derby today -- 1, 2, and 3 places, all correct. A little off on the timing of the race, but it didn't matter 'cause no one else got them all in order.

Donation to scholarship fund, coming up! (half of my winnings go to Newcomb's lawsuit, however)

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Eggplant amazingness

Just a quickie...

I promised this recipe, and found the book, so here it is. Galatoire's is my favorite restaurant in the whole wide world, his cookbook is my most well-used cookbook, and this dish encapsulates everything I adore about New Orleans creole cooking.

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